International Poetry Reading Part 2

SPRING’S BLUE RIBBON, edited by poet Gino Leineweber, is the fourth international poetry anthology published by Verlag Expeditionen, Germany. The publishing house presents an extraordinary project in which worldwide poets have participated. The poetry collection contains poems from 61 poets from 20 countries on five continents. With its different cultural and personal imprints, the range of poetry is unique and provides a profound insight into contemporary, lyrical work. Each poem is printed in mother-tongue and English and is likewise performed in the reading series. Anyone who has heard such multilingual readings knows how special it is to listen to a poem recited in a foreign language, even if you don’t understand it; the sound and rhythm of the language is always an experience.

The recitals of the poets will be framed by the moderation of the editor and poet Gino Leineweber and music videos of the musicians Ulrike Gaate and Thomas Styhn from Germany. The readings will be broadcast via Facebook and recorded to be made available later on YouTube and on the publisher’s website.

The first out of five readings from the international poetry anthology SPRING’S BLUE RIBBON will take place on

March 26, 2022, 12 pm EDT, 5 pm CET 

The whole Program you will find here:

Every reading will be broadcast on FB-page “Cultivating Voices.”

If you want to join on the Zoom platform, you need to register in advance here:

After registration, you will get an email with an access link.

Reading Poets on March 26 are:

Daniel Calabrese – Argentina,
Gülname Eslek – Turkey,
Maren Schoenfeld – Germany,
Raquel Martínez Gómez López – Spain,
Susanna Piontek – USA/Germany,
Zorin Diaconescu – Romania,
Dorel Cosma – Romania,
Hilal Karahan – Turkey,
Utz Rachowski – Germany

Moderation: Gino Leineweber, Germany

Music Videos: Ulrike Gaate & Thomas Styhn Germany

Internet Technic: Don Krieger, USA

Three members of the DAP, Ulrike Gaate, Maren Schönfeld and Gino Leineweber, are part of these special event.