Der Dachsteinkönig feiert seinen ersten Geburtstag

Mit anliegender Skipiste für Kinder

„So jung und schon so gut angekommen“: Das Leading Family Hotel & Resort Dachsteinkönig in Gosau hat in seinem ersten Jahr alle Erwartungen übertroffen. In der letzten Novemberwoche und der ersten Dezemberwoche 2017 wird mit Gästen und Mitarbeitern gefeiert.

In der Silhouette des Leading Family Hotel & Resort Dachsteinkönig****S mit ihren vielen Giebeldächern spiegeln sich die schroffen Spitzen des 3.000 Meter hohen Dachsteinmassivs wieder. „Der Dachsteinkönig feiert seinen ersten Geburtstag“ weiterlesen

The Other Barry Gibb

by Götz Egloff

The Many Facets of Pop Composition: A Few Music Theory Aspects

Together with his late brothers Robin and Maurice, and with such heavyweight arrangers like Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson, Barry Gibb has created not only highly successful but incredibly well-made pop songs that have reached a world audience. Aside from purely enjoying the music, examining these from a music theory point of view can illuminate many facets of great pop composition. In referring to well-known Gibb hits (which have proven to be timeless both in composition and arrangement) and to a few more unlikely of songs, some of them performed by the Bee Gees, by Diana Ross, or by other distinguished recording artists, a cursory treatment of harmony and function is to add to a view of a tiny part of the Gibb oeuvre´s specialty. As can be seen, ingenious musical skills have led to creating great pop songs to which e.g., tonal ambiguity and fluctuating tonality are key ingredients. Such have made for an outstanding musical oeuvre. – (In parts of the following, abstraction requires nomenclature: Roman numerals refer to scale degrees.) „The Other Barry Gibb“ weiterlesen